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A company of Global Nexum Capital
The companies QuieroChamba born as an internal project between a group of investment partners Monterrey ; in search of new techniques ( international and avant-garde ) for the acquisition and preparation of human talent. The " QuieroChamba " project started in early 2008 to supply the growing need for staff Leal and Qualified to their new business. The Israeli military system of fidelity and loyalty Labor spread rapidly among corporate partners of Monterrey and is now used to measure current employees as well as to evaluate new entrants.

She teaches workshops in your organization any of these 2 Workshops

  1. " How to motivate your personal " - Workshop focused on High Commands { Duration : 25 minutes }
    1. You will learn International staff motivation techniques , how to keep them motivated by their own taste and you'll know quickly identify your most valuable employees.
  2. "Sign in with your job" - focused on Middle Management Workshop / Low { Duration: 20 minutes }
    1. Experiential way to show your employees the benefits of identifying with their work, the Advantages to become experts in their area , and the real pleasure of Developing Strategies ordered by their Higher .

Specials Works

Call (81) 8004.1030 and platiquemos about your specific needs , our entire team is from now waiting for your orders to serve in what you indicate

Consulting Team

Our consulting team specializes in using military interrogations type ( without the questioning realizes he is being interrogated , ofcourse ) - They discover how to solve some of the serious problems any enterprise - such as:
  • High rotation
  • gossip
  • unpunctual
  • Lack of Leadership
  • theft
  • Infidelities to Regulation
  • Misuse of Equipment and Tools
Easily discover which of your partners are faithful and loyal to your company , learn how to keep your Self-motivated team and constantly growing systematically { As in military camps higher discipline}.
Find Hidden leaders that are in your organization and learn what exactly motivates or discourages continue to grow with you.

Layoffs and Promotion

Under a disciplined and assertive approach Brief know for Numerical Evaluation and Scientific Certainty those of your employees They may be promoted to a higher position and who should be fired from his position .
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