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MiguelAngel del Rio - StreamDocument
“QuieroChamba has helped me to Organize, Prioritize, Control and Keep my Team Highly Motivated! My sales team has improved significantly and for the first time, has aligned what people should do with what they enjoy the most! They clarified the direction that my business needs to move in and helped people who stayed within my organization to be productive and HAPPY!
Alberto Pimentel - Boston M. Consulting
Quiero Chamba and their leaders are widely recommended by the Boston Consulting Group of Mexico, and provide human resources solutions that are the envy of the industry, in particular the team led by Alejandra Alvarez, who has picked the best of the best for this internationally-known consulting firm.
Bernardo Martinez - NexumCapital
Quiero Chamba is a company in which you can rely on 100% for all topics relating to recruitment, selection, training, and human resources alignment. Their skilled and internationally-trained team will offer a unique and refreshing vision to Mexican Entrepreneurs who are looking for growth that is both accelerated and well organized. The director of this enterprise, Alejandra Alvarez, offers a quality service in all respects, from my experience.
Emigdio Chévez - Serviclínicos
In Quiero Chamba, I found people doing their jobs with enthusiasm, professionalism and passion. They helped me to form the teams that I needed for my organization.
Marcela Salaman - Salaman y Asociados
“QuieroChamba’s services lighten your workload, and we save time with regards to recruitment and how to find candidates that fit in with our team. Our investment in QuieroChamba was worth the effort because the time spent on recruiting is less and they make excellent finds!”
Magdalena Espinosa - Tritech
Working with Quiero Chamba has been an enjoyable experience. The team constantly provided feedback from candidate interviews and sent us profiles of the people we were looking for. Quiero Chamba adapted to our needs and collaborated with us. An excellent recruitment and selection company, offering a human and specialized treatment.
Guillermo Magallanes - Action Coach
“Our experience with QuieroChamba has been very fulfilling; I always had complete information on the people I was going to hire. The additional benefit that they provided was the Follow-up given after hiring, because they brought me closer to my team. QuieroChamba is an EXCELLENT choice for hiring staff - above all, to ensure that you hire the right person for the position”.
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